Weeds, their healthy and correct use – with Tina Mele, PhD

This video shows the results of the project titled: Living health – do we know what is toxic/dangerous and what isn’t?. The project is co-financed by Mestna občina Celje.

Second ‘virtual’ tea party is a discussion between Tina Mele, PhD (trademark The Green Witch Si) and myself. We talk about use of weeds, her experiences and knowledge from this area. We also talk about sustainability and caution, when using this weeds. She presents a nettle, dandelion, trumpet, garlic, lavender and much more, instructive and simple, even simple recipes including chilli!

The basic aim of this project is to present healthy living and try to see what it means for the listener. We present the ecotoxicology, through the healthy plants, organisms that are able to purify the toxins and to teach about the typical pollutants.

We aim to upgrade the knowledge given in the last two years, where we built certain awareness about the medicines as waste, endocrine pollutants and the successful use of plants, found in our vicinity.