Cooperation with Tina Mele, PhD on our last event, with the links towards the whole presentation

I first met Tina while I was studying veterinary sciences and this friendship continued throughout my our studies for PhD. Aside being formal colleagues, we have a mutual respect for each other and most importantly, a connection in discovering new things related to nature – independent research. We both are always learning, always discovering and always substantiating our discoveries with facts.

I am happy to announce that we have, for the first time (and for sure, not the last), joined forces. This link presents our talk; First part presents experiences with garderning, while the second part is focused on use of, what we commonly denote with weeds. These are found in our vicinity, in our neighbourhood, so to speak. We conclude with COVID-19 related things – how to help yourself, how to act when COVID looms.

You are warmly invited to follow the news on Tina’s web page and our FB Complementarium and FB Zelenacarovnica.

A special thanks goes to Mestna občina Celje (co-financing) and Ljudska univerza Celje (organisational support).